Europa Rally 2019

Good to know
We are less than 3 months away from the beginning of big camping events (the 58th Europe Rally from 06.06. to 10.06.2019 and the 20th anniversary Adria Camping Rally under the auspices of F.I.C.C. from 22.06. to 29.06.2019) organized by the Croatian Camping Association (CCA) at camp Čikat in Mali Lošinj. If you have not yet decided to participate in these events in Croatia, here are some facts that should give you the nudge you need to join us.

A few camps have joined the organisation of the Rallies that offer a discount valid seven days before and 7 days after these events. So if you decide to take this long trip, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy about twenty days vacation in Croatia at a more than reasonable price, instead of staying just 5 or 7 days during the announced meetings of campers from all over Europe.

On your journey through Croatia towards the destination Mali Lošinj, as a participant of the Europe Rally, you can use camp discounts from 30.05 to 06.06 and from 10.06 to 17.06.2019, or if you are only participating at the Adria Camping Rally then from 15.06. and from 29.06. to 05.07. 2019.

Near Zagreb Kamp Terme Tuhelj 20% Kamp Zagreb 15%

Plitvice lakes Kamp Turist Grabovac 15%

Campings on Adriatic Kamp Veli Jože Savudrija 20% Camping Omišalj 20% Camping Čikat (hosts of ER i ACR) 20% Camping Straško 20% Kamp Jezera Village otok Murter 20% Camping park Soline Biograd n/m 15%

Camping Vranjica – Belvedere 15 %

The 20% discount on ferry return tickets can be used by participants of both events. You can find more information about prices and timetables at

We trust that you now have more than enough reasons to join us in Mali Lošinj.
Branko Marolt