The “Europe Rally Committee” was founded in 1961, on Whit Monday during the 1st Europe Rally of campers and caravanners in Remich, Luxembourg.

At the General Meeting of May 20, 1994 statutes were established in Ghent, Belgium and after that the Committee was registered as an official “non-profit association” with the RCSL in Luxembourg.

The purpose of this association is to encourage all campers with tent, caravan or motor caravans (hereinafter referred to as “campers”) to participate in a meeting, which is organized every year at Pentecost under the name EUROPE RALLY. In this way we support to create and maintain friendly contacts between campers from all countries in Europe. Borders, politics and religion do not play a role.

Therefore, religious and political propaganda is prohibited during the Europe Rallye.
What does the Committee do?

Each year the Committee keeps two meetings during the Europa Rallye.
1. The General Assembly of the Committee, which decides on Finance and
the composition (membership) of the Committee.

2. Committee meeting with the organizers at the end of the Rally. In this meeting the rally is evaluated; and it is decided about the place and the
location of the next rallyes and to what association or federation the organization is entrusted.

Further the Committee assesses whether the future organizers are able to organize a Europa Rally. He appoints each year, before the rally is entrusted to an organizer, a delegation to check on site the proposed program and the rally site selection. This delegation is authorized to cancel the Europe Rally, if they find, during the inspection visit, that the announced program and the rally site do not meet the conditions.

Furthermore, the Committee monitors the Rally fee and the relationship between this contribution and the program offered by the organizers.

Attention: The responsibility for the organization and implementation of the Rally lies solely with the organizing club or federation.