The Presidium is composed of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. They are elected by the Committee by secret ballot – to the presidency for three years – by majority decision. In order to ensure continuity we work with a retirement schedule.

If during the period – by resignation or other reasons (e.g. death) – a function is released in the intervening Presidency, the Presidium may co-opt a candidate. The president’s voice is predominant in this area. This candidate can be elected at the next General Assembly.

Those who opt for a position in the Presidium must submit their candidacy – in writing – by 31 December of the year preceding the General Assembly to the Chairman of the Committee.

Presidium 2016

Kees SPLINT (NL) President

Hanspeter HILTBRAND (CH) Vice-president

Maglia LORDONG (LU) Treasurer

Diny G. de Jong (NL) Secretary

Presidium 2015
DE JONG, Diny – Secretary
SPLINT, Cornelis (Kees) – President
HILTBRAND, Hanspeter – Vice-President

Präsidium 2005 – Straznice – CZ
J.M. Dudt, Präsident
Diny G. de Jong, Sekretärin
Günter Polzin, Vize-Präsident
Philippe Scheer, Schatzmeister