Members should come from European countries, from which participants regularly attend the Europe Rallies.
Europe Rally Committee accepts a maximum of two members per country.
Committee members are required to have a valid “Camping Card International.”
They are members in a ‘personal capacity’ and do represent their country and not their club or federation. They pay a yearly contribution as a member and for their participation in the European Rally. They are not bound by instructions from their club or federation.

How can one become a member of the Europe Rally Committee?

Candidates can be nominated:
By national or regional (camping) associations or clubs and also by existing members in the Europe Rally Committee.
New members are elected by majority vote of the members present in the General Assembly. If there are equal votes, the vote of the person chairing the meeting shall prevail.
A candidate from a country that is already represented in the Committee, needs the support of the already existing compatriot on the Committee.
New candidates must be nominated in writing by 31 December of the year preceding the General Meeting, to the President.

End of membership
Membership ends by death, resignation or exclusion.
Resignation must be in person and in writing to the president of the Committee.
Exclusion occurs only if a member harms the interests of the Committee. An exclusion is decided by the General Assembly and needs a 2/3 majority.